Be backed by the most relevant accelerator in Latin America


We found a GREAT reason for having an extra week for applications. Additionally to allowing companies in general to submit their profiles for review an extra week. We are making a special call for sector/vertical specific technology Startups. At 500 we interested in finding companies that are solving the most complex problems in Latin American countries and work with them to create awesome businesses that not only grow exponentially but also that maximize the positive impact they are creating.

If you are working in one of these 5 sectors/verticals, we really want to know all about you and what you are building.

  • Security - Improvements in security of countries and cities (e.g. public safety, law enforcement and other security services);

  • Smart Cities - Efficiency of city services and citizens’ needs in order to improve quality of life. (e.g. water supply networks, waste management, transportation systems and other community services.);

  • Digital Government - Better governments in all facets of its operations and organization and work towards better interaction between its agencies, employees and private parties such citizens and businesses (e.g. constituency participation, service delivery, community development, and inter-agency processes);

  • Knowledge Workers - Services for “non-routine” problem solving workers such as software engineers, physicians, architects, etc. (e.g. work marketplaces)

  • Farming - Products and/or services that make it possible for farms to improve through technology and transform their eld operations more insight driven and potentially more productive and efficient. (e.g. crop analysis, weather forecasting)

You have until June 19th at midnight to apply to our program. You can find the details of what we look for, our investment offer and a detailed step by step guide to create your AngelList profile and the process to apply to our program in the sections below.

What are we looking for?

  • In a nutshell, we are looking for the best talent focusing on Spanish speaking markets, particularly LatAm. We really don’t care whether you where born in Barra Barranquilla, Buenos Aires, Santiago, Lima, Guadalajara or Spain. If you are building a great and scalable business this is the place for you.
  • People who aren’t afraid of change, failure and learning. We want you to come to Mexico city for the duration of the program and work along the best entrepreneurs and mentors you can imagine. We know you’ll be leaving behind friends and family but this is something we strongly believe will make a radical impact in what you are doing.
  • Companies which are solving big, monetizable, real-life problems. We rather invest in basic revenue models but than can be exponentially scalable over the internet. Remember this region is overwhelmed with problems and opportunities so unless you have millions of users we rather pass on the next picture sharing app or social network.
  • Entrepreneurs passed the MVP staged that have made their product available to their clients and have shown initial traction. We normally appreciate revenue but it’s not necessarily a deal-breaker if it isn’t there. If you´ve been a successful entrepreneur in the past we can likely give you the benefit of the doubt and invest even if that number is zero.
  • Well balanced teams with the internal capacity to execute on product, sales, fundraising and passion for UX.

Why 500?

  • Your ticket to one of the biggest entrepreneurial networks in the world with 1500+ founders. You´ll be able to collaborate with them and discuss relevant issues of your company and industry.
  • We have one of the most powerful mentor networks in the world. Along the program, you´ll be able to assist in person and remote sessions with vastly experienced people visiting from Silicon Valley and other key innovation hubs.
  • We aren´t a school. This program is actually very custom made, where you´ll be the one setting the goals and milestones to be achieved and we´ll be there to help you get there. We´ll host weekly meetings to follow-up on your metrics, help you with design, product, sales, connect you with relevant mentors or even introduce you to your next partners and investors.
  • We can do follow-on investment in your company once you´ve gone through the program.
  • You´ll be able to set foot in Silicon Valley whenever you decide the timing is right. Doors will be open to help you set up an agenda along your own objetives and you´ll be able to work out of our office in the Valley.
  • We are simply the most experienced early stage fund in the region. We´ve done 1500+ investments across the globe and have done over 100 investments in the region.
  • While being a Silicon Valley based fund, we have local and regional investors. This means there is an influential network behind you that´s incentivised to make your company a true success.
  • We are like you. We are also entrepreneurs and know first hand what you are going through.

The offer

We invest $65,000 USD. In simple terms, we give you $50,000 USD in cash and $15,000 worth of services in exchange for 10% of your company. Those $50,000 USD in cash are yours to invest however you decide, if we want to back you is because we believe you are the right person to take those decisions. The $15,000 USD in services include:

  • Office Space for up to 4 people from the team in the most vibrant area in Mexico City.
  • Weekly sessions with a designated point of contact and the investment team.
  • On-demand mentorship sessions across all areas.
  • Mentors flying in from Silicon Valley on a weekly basis to work exclusively with the accelerated companies.
  • Demo Day.
  • Access to our global network of 200+ mentors and over 1500 entrepreneurs through our own internal platform.
  • The visibility and access that being a part of the 500 family provides with clients, investors and media.
  • And anything else you can think of that we can set to explore!

Notice: Creating an AngelList profile does NOT necessarily mean you have applied to our acceleration program, please follow this step by step guide if you have any questions


Why is this whole thing in English if you are targeting Spanish speaking LatAm?

We are a global company, HQ´ed in Silicon Valley and most of our mentors speak English. You will need to be fluent in English to take the most out of our program.

When is the application due?

June 12th.

When does the program start/end?

We´ll start in July and plan to end by late November. The duration of the program is around 20 weeks.

Do I need an AngelList account in order to apply?

Yes, it´s important that at the time you apply you have an account up and running as it helps us to be always updated on your company´s status. This account will also be required to interact with the rest of the 500 Family.

Can I apply from anywhere in the world?

Yes. As long as you are willing to relocate to Mexico City for the duration of the program you can apply while sipping a Mojito in Cuba or hiking the Kilimanjaro in Tanzania.

Does my company need to be incorporated at the time of the application?

It is not a requirement that you do this prior to application but we´ll expect you to do it at the time of acceptance. Beware we will only be able to invest once you have done this in fully.

Can I participate in the program while undertaking other activities?

Not really. Being 100% devoted to your company is a must for us to invest.

Does a guide for the application process exists?

Yes, you can download it here.

What if I have even more questions?

Reach out! Send us an email.